We Take Healthcare Personally

Our Mission

"To change the way healthcare is paid for and delivered
in the communities in which we serve."

Fusion Health Network

How we make a difference

Improve Wellness visits

reduce ER/ED visits

close gaps in care

reduce total spend

Connecting Physicians & Employer Groups

  • Innovative healthcare solutions
  • Supported by a local network of independent physicians, ancillary services, and facilities
  • Significantly lower and transparent costs
  • Shorter episodes of care
  • Optimal “customer service” for all members
  • Employer, patient and physician interests are fully aligned

Fusion Network Providers - Advantages

  • Access to competitive fee-for-service payments
  • Rapid payment terms
  • Preservation of private practice
  • Networking with like-minded physician groups

Fusion Employer Groups - Advantages

  • Improve outcomes for employees and families
  • Shorter episode of care
  • Reduced time off from work
  • Access to best in class specialists 

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