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The Fusion Advantage

Direct access to our select group of Providers

As an employer, you understand how health insurance benefits can help to recruit employees in this highly competitive time.  Attracting and retaining top talent can make or break a company.  You also understand the cost and how it can impact your bottom line.  Employer groups, as consumers, are held hostage by the system in how it operates and how it controls what you pay.  On the front end you can purchase health care coverage for your employees “off the shelf”, or can become “self-funded”.  However, in either situation you do not have an advocate who is helping you use the most cost-effective approaches to managing the care of your employees and their dependents, until now...
Enter Fusion.  Fusion is not an insurance company.  Our role is to align your employees and their dependents with physicians.   Creating alignments and directing “traffic” is the most effective way to control costs and deliver exceptional care at the same time.  With our network of physicians,  our access to ambulatory services, and with our direct access to hospital admissions, we become your  partner and we help to control your healthcare costs.  Coordinating the appropriate care with the right provider at the right time is the Fusion model of delivering cost-effective healthcare.

Low out of pocket costs

Low co-pays when you use a Fusion provider

Expedited Appointments

Our Patient Advocate can help you see a specialist usually within 72 hours.

Local Patient Advocate

Dedicated, local and available to take your phone call.  

Nurse Help line

Our nurses help answer questions about tests, treatments, medications and more.

Avoid Hospital Stays

Avoid costly and unnecessary hospitalizations with our direct access to our specialists.

Increase Employee Productivity

As shorter continuum of care, means getting back to work sooner.

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