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The Fusion Advantage

Direct care with our contracted employer groups

We believe patients receive the best healthcare when they are under the care of the right physician at the right time. We've all experienced it.  By the time a patient gets to the right physician, they have undergone numerous visits and needless tests that almost always begin in the ER or Urgent Care.  Unfortunately, the current system encourages this and directs the consumer along this unnecessarily long "episode of care".  Worse yet, it's the specialists that are perceived as expensive, and driving up the cost of healthcare.  At Fusion, we've changed all that... 
Our network of physicians, ambulatory care centers and hospitals are all aligned to service and care for a growing group of employers who directly fund their employees healthcare.  Our network aligns you the provider directly with the consumer.  You are the first, and usually the only provider they see.  With Fusion, the patient is able to see you, the right physician, at the right time.  We believe this alignment simplifies, shortens the continuum of care and ultimately is delivering better healthcare.

Fast Pay

Clean claims paid within 30 days of receipt.

Easy Prior Authorizations

A list of prior authorizations and make sense and don't restrict delivery of healthcare.

Competitive Fee Schedules

We are not a discount provider and believe in competitive fees.

Network with Other Physicians

Meet with other Fusion Physicians regularly to share, discuss issues relative to your area.

Align with your consumer

We provide the path of "First in to you", the specialist.  

Promote your Practice

As a Fusion Network Provider we will promote your practice to all Fusion Employer Groups.

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